Who Can Register!

What is a startup ?

Startups are newly established, typically small businesses with the goal of developing a unique product or service and bringing it to market. These companies often aim to disrupt existing markets or create entirely new ones with innovative ideas, technologies, or business models. Startups are known for their agility, risk-taking, and focus on rapid growth. They may operate in various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and more. Startup founders are usually entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving a particular problem or addressing a need in society and are willing to take on the challenges and uncertainties that come with starting a new venture.

Who can register as a startup ?

1: Anyone with a viable business idea and the ambition to bring it to life can register as a startup.
2: Individuals or groups who want to formalize their business activities and gain access to certain benefits can register their startup.
3: The entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, students, and professionals from various industries with an exceptional business idea.
4: A tech enthusiast developing a new app, a scientist with a groundbreaking discovery, or a small business owner looking to scale the operations.

What can be achieved?

Registering your startup is the first step of the process and once recognized, startups in Jammu and Kashmir are entitled to a range of benefits and incentives. These include subsidized co-working spaces with high-speed internet, monthly allowances, assistance for product research, development, and marketing, subsidy on energy sources like generators or solar/wind systems, reimbursement of up to 50% of foreign patent filing costs, tax benefits/exemptions, relaxed norms in public procurement, self-certification of compliance under labour laws, and exposure visits and workshops funded through a corpus fund, with a focus on promoting women entrepreneurs.
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